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The people from the Kumaon region of the state of Uttarakhand and in some parts of Himachal Pradesh celebrate a Hindu festival named Harela every year. The festival is celebrated thrice every year; while the first Harela of the year is celebrated during Chaitra Navrati, the second one is during Sharad Navratri in the month of Ashwin. The third one is Shravan Harela

Luckily I get chance to spent my Harela at my Uncle house this year. My cousins were also there. We had so much fun there. On Harela, We Clean our houses. Eating the Harela food cannot missed during the festival. Similarly visiting family and friends and sharing happiness between all was the main enjoyment.

On the first day, women fill soil in the basket and sow 7 types of seeds in them. On this day during the Shravan Harela, clay statues are made of Gauri, Maheshwar, and Ganesha for worshipping. People put the blades of freshly cut Harela’s on their heads and also send it to their friends and relatives. Harela means “Day of Green”. People from agriculture background consider it to be an auspicious day, as it is the day when they begin the sowing cycle in their fields.

The yellow leaves that are there in the plant during germination are called as Harela. These Harela are cut on the tenth day and people place them behind their ears or on their head.

The festival is celebrated with prayers for good harvest and prosperity. Young girls in the family are presented with money, and so may things. We make so many types of food in this festival specially.

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