Quick pickled onions recipe without vinegar

Quick pickled onions recipe without vinegar
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About pickled onions.

In the 18th century, the vinegar onion started its practice.  From there till today, a new way of preserving food had gone on. But the vinegar that is onion had left its mark in such a way that it is still prevalent and you will get it easily everywhere. Still date I have found many people who have asked me that Where did pickled onions originate ?.. or Pickled Onion is popular since the British era. Was he invented in the British era ?..

Yes, this is true. The British invented it. In the beginning, they is, peel small onions and clean them, add spices and mix them with vinegar. At that time, they used to keep it in small Jar, So that whenever they needs, they can take out from the box, and starts eating.

India’s relation with pickle

You go to any region of India whether it is Rajasthan and Punjab Himachal and Uttarakhand,Or be it Coimbatore, anywhere you go. You will definitely get pickle papad chutney with your food, means whatever pickle and papad you eat, whatever you are getting to eat, along with eating it will take your taste on a different path, Where you will feel hungry. 

The sight of these onions always reminds me of my childhood and brings a huge smile on my face. Growing up, whenever we have food at a restaurant, among all the dishes these rich garnet colored pickled onions always caught my attention.

From that time peoples start to make pickled onions, and till date people make so many own unique recipe, but still they not satisfied from taste. These pickled onions are so addictive, Almost every Indian restaurant in the Northern part of India serve these sweet onions along with food. These onions are sweet and sour at the same time. but most of the people make this pickled onions with vinegar but trust me for this recipe you do not need any vinegar or color so today i will show you how to make best way Quick pickled onions recipe without vinegar.

Quick pickled onions recipe without vinegar

Quick pickled onions recipe without vinegar

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This recipe is little different because we going to make Quick pickled onions recipe without vinegar. Quick let get start how to make Quick and easy pickled onions recipe without vinegar.
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Prep Time 10 mins
Cook Time 15 mins
Total Time 25 mins
Course Side Dish
Cuisine Indian, Mediterranean
Servings 3 People


  • 02 no medium-to-large red onion slice
  • ½ cup lemon juice fresh
  • 01 tbsp kosher, sea, or normal salt
  • 01 cup sugar
  • 01 tbsp crushed black pepper
  • 02 no cloves of garlic, or bay leaf Optional


  • Slice your onion into half or quarter-sized rings. I prefer to slice mine to be about 1/4″ thick, but that depends on personal preference. Use a mandoline if you cant slices proper /or thinner.
  • Take a mixing bowl mix all ingredients together with the onions.
  • Mix it properly and press slowly slowly for 1 to 2 minutes all ingredients together.
  • Seal your bowl , then store in the fridge for up one night. These pickled onions will be the most crispy within the few days, then will gradually soften with time. Serve as desired.


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